Mockingbird media dishes up a load of (half) truth, 50 years too late

The story I’m about to share is not terribly shocking, at least not to those of us who are awake, but I find the timing, along with the source, a bit…Mockingbird media dishes up a load of (half) truth, 50 years too late

Biden’s Executive Order to develop genetic engineering technologies to “write circuitry for cells” and “predictably program biology”

This is a good write up at DC Clothesline describing the EO signed on September 12th. Worth the read. Continue Reading . . .

Yuval Noah Harari spills the beans: ‘We just don’t need the vast majority of the population’

Technology will 'make it possible to replace the people' Top World Economic Forum adviser Yuval Noah Harari has declared in a recent interview that the “vast majority” of the world’s 7.5 billion people are simply no longer needed due to technological advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and bioengineering. In one sentence, Harari validated what… …

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