G20 leaders agree to work toward mandatory digital health passports for all human beings: This will kickstart one-world beast system experimented with during Covid

Just a couple of thoughts. These are stepping stones leading to time requiring either receiving the “mark” or losing your life. At some point the living remnant will have to choose to remain faithful or deny Christ and receive eternal damnation.

Secondly Jesus said two things that we must remember going forward 1) “…will I find faith on the earth when I come” and except those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved.”

Paul tells us that day won’t come until the man of sin is revealed and that event will be a major milestone for us.


We reported earlier this week on the Indonesian health minister’s call for all nations to adopt a globally recognized digital health passport in order to track, monitor and restrict people’s freedom of movement during the “next pandemic” and now we have official confirmation that this was not just a single health minister’s opinion — it’s part of official G20 policy.

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