Demonic Torture

While I haven't been posting much lately, I ran across this article from the Rair Foundation. It is heart breaking to see any living thing tortured just for sport or as "ritual sacrifice." Though it hasn't been a hot topic in a while, due largely to other issues affecting families in the US, this Islamic …

World Economic Forum Pushes an End to Private Ownership

A  paper published by the WEF, the Davos elite claim communal sharing of cars must become part of a “circular approach” to reduce global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.  Incoming House Democratic whip Katherine Clark is just one of many firmly under the control of the WEF and she is taking it upon herself to …

Oldest person in US dies at age 115 |

In an interview with the Fort Dodge Messenger for her 112th birthday, Hendricks and her family said her secrets to a long life included hard work, staying away from doctors and never passing on a slice of pie. Smart woman. Staying away from doctors was the advice of my own mother 😊 — Read on

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